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Jonesy - july 2002


Welcome to an AFC Wimbledon dedicated website!
This website will reflect from here on in the formation and rise of AFC Wimbledon. The archives will remain populated with the battle against the destruction of Wimbledon FC alongside what remains of the match reports etc, as will the news as and when appropriate.

HOWEVER - I am currently constructing the OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon website - so please excuse any lapses in the news section. Ta.


Be here now, more night thoughts... 31 july 2002
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AFC Wimbledon wallpaper now in stock... 14 june 2002
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Time to move on? - 'The Don Says' looks ahead.... 28 may 2002
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MORE messages of support against MK... 13 may 2002
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Match Reports suspended... 10 march 2002
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"Wimbledon is not the club I left and good luck to the supporters in their plans. When you move 50 miles from your home and your supporter base you become a different club. I feel sorry for Wimbledon fans. It's tragic for them. They deserve so much more than this" - Lawrie Sanchez

The new W&WW has been designed for 800 x 600 screens, so all you cocky 1162 x 854 owners will have to suffer white space, it's my most used screen size according to the stats, so there you go.

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